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I was an actor who didn’t start doing comedy until I was 26. I locked myself indoors for a long weekend and wrote, subjecting many patient friends to living room performances of my drafts (thanks, Katie and Neil and Jennifer! I cried several times and ate a lot of stress-pizza.I moved to Chicago to take improv classes after two years of failing the auditions for MFA acting schools. A few days after I turned in the packet, I got an email saying the producers wanted to talk to me.And thank God, because I saved thousands of dollars’ worth of rolling on the floor in a unitard. After reading that email, I rolled off the couch onto the rug.Improv and writing and comedy in general was so much fun, I wanted to do it all the time. Like a lot of comedy people, I was a depressed person who thought I was a hot piece of garbage and definitely not good enough to write for a TV show I loved. On all fours, I let out a guttural wail like a beast who had finally killed, I don’t know, some sort of rival beast.

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They kind of paired me up with Seth Mac Farlane, who was the only one who had the balls and style to do the kind of jokes Greg used to do.

, which led to a part-time job as an audience page at the show, and then to a full-time position in their mail room.

Around the same time, a friend of mine who was working in the cue card department at invited me to check out the studio during a Friday rehearsal.

And while I wasn’t banking on it, I thought maybe if I worked really hard and got good and was a nice person, someone on some coast would offer me a job by the time I was 40. After a fun and nerve-wracking Skype interview (“Cool talking with you! ”), a second packet, and an in-person interview in New York, they hired me.

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It was a friggin’ dream come true, and it’s been a blast ever since.I still had no intentions of getting into writing — to me it was just fun to bang out jokes with my buddy who happened to be a comedy genius.