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He sounded off to ESPN - which was kind enough to provide him with a platform to do so - about the Lakers’ coach, Luke Walton: "Luke doesn't have control of the team no more,” he said. And other than a word of praise for the center from the guys in the booth, nothing was said. *********** Tom Walls, who coaches in Manitoba, Canada, showed me some video of his Provincial All-Star youth team running the Open Wing (12-man version! (Tom will forgive me if “All-Stars” is the wrong appellation.) One clip showed his son, Tommy, throwing a nice TD pass.“They don't want to play for him." So whose bright idea was it, anyhow, to sign this guy’s kid? What was best, I told Tom, was that the snap was high and Tommy had to dispense with the fake he was supposed to make and go right to the pass. That’s when I tell them to “play basketball.” That means, when the plan goes all to hell - play on.On both sides of the ball, he was something to see. A back-shoulder fade to the left to Kelvin Benjamin. I refer you to Murphy’s Law - “if anything can possibly go wrong, it will.” I’ll be damned if Benjamin didn’t get caught pushing off. And things just don’t look quite so promising from the 11 as they do from the one. * Opposing players helped each other up after plays. I grew up in Woodburn Oregon and played under coach Tracy Jackson.He rushed for over 1500 yards and 17 touchdowns, but he may have been even better on defense, where he was credited with 106 tackles. He’s defending state champion at 182, and this year he’s currently ranked number one at 195. id=10110&t=faces-in-ks-josh-seabolt- *********** I’ve always told my teams that there are three things that will stop out offense, even when defenses can’t: Turnovers. Dumbass calls The first two, I tell them, are up to them. And play callers should always be mindful of the Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors: “First, do no harm.” So there the Bills were Sunday, first and goal from the one following a penalty. The Bills never did get that touchdown, settling finally for a field goal. "Yeah, you know, there's some calls we want back," said Bills Coach Sean Mc Dermott. * Footballs were not spiked or left for the referee to retrieve; they were handed to the referee. * Players stood at attention during the playing of the national anthem. In the 1992 season all of our coaches spent time in areas such as Bandon and Gold Beach and in 93 we installed the double wing double tight. I moved on to play college, indoor and some semi pro football.If you deal with today’s teenage kids, ask yourself - what are the chances we’ll ever see a PE program like this again? time_continue=2&v=0y Qth3QEXt A *********** You’d think, as a coach, that when you've finally made it to the big time, you’d be done with a$$hole parents.Agents and fans and owners and GMs and a&&hole players, sure - but at least you’re dealing with adults, and not parents. Not, at least, if you’re coaching the Los Angeles Lakers.IF YOU'RE A DOUBLE-WINGER, YOU OUGHT TO TAKE A LOOK.(4) BRAND-NEW IN 2015: A BASIC "OPEN WING" PACKAGE WITH THE QB UNDER CENTER.

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And there are the media jackals who refuse to ignore him. But - the rules makers assured us - only PUSHING is legal. Just this past weekend, the Falcons’ center (#51) hugged a runner and hauled him across for a touchdown.

I don’t have the luxury of leaving work at 3 each day and noon on Fridays.