Dating to soon after divorce

04-Oct-2017 18:22

You can be honest up front about being a parent and therefore filter out anyone who might not want to date a parent.

Please do not include photos of your kids either pictured with or without you.

We as parents often get concerned about pedophiles moving into our area but we post photos of our children on the Internet where anyone can see them.

You can also cause problems with your ex or ex relations if you post photos of your children on a dating site as they may have concerns about who may see those photos.

The children are just dealing with the fact that their parents are no longer together and to introduce another person into the equation will make them feel even more confused and they may turn that confusion into anger directed at the “intruder”.

They may even associate this person with breaking up their parent’s marriage.

You may find less cooperation from the other parent in previously straightforward co parenting activities.

You also have to be aware that all kinds of people have access to those photos and you cannot control access to those photos or prevent them being copied or altered in any way.

It is much better for that person to be honest up front than to become attached and have them reject you because you are a parent.

Letting daters know up front that you are a parent is the best policy.

If you only have photos with your kids in them, use a simple graphics program to block their faces out or better yet, go get new photos taken. Do not give out personal information about your ex, children’s school or activities or your address or phone number.

This may seem like common sense but these things can slip out in the normal course of conversation online.Many parents feel that having children can be a negative factor in dating.