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The latest Newsletter can be found on the front page. It is by Fr Michael Sellers: The outcome of the US Presidential election scared me; I was worried about the possible sufferings some groups of people might be unnecessarily exposed to.Please click here to complete the Mega Youth Poll ( For people aged between 13-19 years old) Please click here to complete the Mega Youth Poll ( For people aged between 13-19 years old) WEEK 2: PREPARE A WAY FOR THE LORD What might I do? While acknowledging the uniqueness of each person, it is difficult to ignore some demeaning and threatening comments made.14 August 2014 Golden Jubilee and Fr Antony’s Retirement Leaning against the clock on the table of the presbytery hallway and enjoying pride of place is a postcard, one of those blank-on-both-sides postcards you can get from the post office.

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He is your new pastor; he will come with new ideas, taking this lovely parish yet further upwards and onwards.You will continue, therefore, to be able to see me and I to see you.I am profoundly grateful to Bishop Peter who has shown me exemplary kindness and who has allowed me to retire into this flat, part of the house which Sr Jennifer donated to the Diocese and which the Diocese has converted into three fine flats for retired priests.There will be plenty of priests to choose from for individual confession.

17th: Children’s Sacrament of Reconciliation 3.00pm Christmas Services Schedule will be in next week’s bulletin We are currently updating the website and recommend you revisit soon. After 12.00noon Mass ending with Benediction at 4.00pm. As we reflect on the sleepless nights in the trenches, the horrors witnessed or endured, the pain and scars of bodily injury, the utter commitment to protecting civilians and fighting for peace, let us spend some time in the week praying together for peace, and courage to stand by the Truth in our world, that the sacrifices of our fallen heroes and martyrs of our time may never be in vain.