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The effect is that Into feels quietly rebellious, as if it's saying: We refuse to allow our voices to be left out of the conversation.The site publishes stories of every stripe: impassioned defenses of “Bodak Yellow” rapper Cardi B (an American treasure — I will fight anyone who says otherwise), rankings of every lip sync battle from Ru Paul’s Drag Race, mini-documentaries about senior citizens living with HIV.Grindr’s functionality allows users to upload a photo, list their sexual preferences directly on their profile, and, in a signature feature, click on a profile and see how many feet or miles away another user is, in real time.The app has always had a chat feature, like other dating and networking apps, but words are not an incredibly, shall we say, necessary part of the Grindr experience.This advice column, though, wasn’t for the bookish audience of the literary magazine that ran Strayed’s column, The Rumpus.Brammer’s column is called “Hola Papi,” and he was writing it for the dating app best known for facilitating casual sex: Grindr.And being like, ‘Hey, I see you and not only do I see you, I want to celebrate you.’” It’s an ambitious goal, particularly for a dark horse like Grindr — develop a magazine that not only covers the news, but expands LGBTQ representation in the media. “Just the fact that Grindr launched a queer journalism arm made a lot of people raise their eyebrows,” Stafford explains, “like, ‘Why does Grindr think they have anything to say in this?’” Into tackles the skepticism by doubling down on its roots.

I’m not really a big believer in words." So when Grindr announced that it was expanding into content, the internet threw more shade than queens spilling the T on Ru Paul's Drag Race: Untucked.

He walked to a nearby Starbucks, found a seat in the crowded cafe (”I had to fight for it, and it’s not fun to fight, but I did it and I won”), and over the course of roughly an hour, with policemen swarming nearby (“Someone tried to steal something while I was there”), Brammer wrote his response to the advice seeker.“We are temporary creatures,” he wrote.